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Mizuno Badminton India Press Release

Optimus Sports Pte Ltd (Singapore), being the Master distributor for Mizuno Badminton for the territories of Asia, barring East Asia would like to officially announce our latest partnership in India for the sporting category of Mizuno Badminton.

By appointing Bhaseen Sports for the North, East & Western states and Playwell Sports for Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Karnataka states, we are confident that we have chosen the right calibre to reach our goals of making Mizuno Badminton a top ranking badminton brand in India. Their distribution experience, network connections in the Indian market and the passion to succeed are key reasons in our choice of partners.

For more information please visit or contact Jacob Barnabas, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, Optimus Sports Pte Ltd at


A leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of gym and fitness equipment. The company has over 60 years of experience in India, with an intricate network of dealers across the country and a strong sales support team. Currently a distributor of Mizuno Golf products, Bhaseen Sports understands the brands core values and high quality standards.


Playwell Sports is a well-recognized name in the arena of sports goods industry. As one of the most distinguished distributors of leading brands in sports equipment, accessories, app

arels and footwear in South India, they are renowned for providing quality sports products to all their dealers. With its trademark expertise in Badminton distribution, Playwell sports understands the criteria required for Mizuno Badminton to excel in its territories.

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