Mizuno's "Made in Japan" rackets are produced at YORO factory which is Mizuno's own factory in YORO, Japan.

The details of the rackets are sharpened by very experienced craftsman.


The Racket will sync with your sense.


Inswinging, pronation of the forearm leads the racket rotation in twist direction.

This twisting movement is very important for transferring the swinging power to the shuttlecock.

"TORQUE TECHNOLOGY" is an advanced technology engineered for maximum power transmission.

Advanced carbon material「M FUSION」

Advanced carbon material「M FUSION」

"M FUSION", a newly developed carbon material for the shaft. In most cases, in order to shaft lighter, the shaft normally becomes too soft to store power. Mizuno has improved the chemical bond between carbon fibers and resin at the nano scale. The advanced shaft is lightweight but has moderately hard and durable material which provides stronger and more accurate shot.

Mizuno achieved improved dispersibility of carbon nanotubes. This result was obtained as a result of the support project of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

* 1: Carbon prepreg * 2: Carbon nanotubes 
* Provided from the University of Tokyo (Graduate School of Engineering: Sakata Laboratory) and Nano Summit Co., Ltd.

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