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Mizuno brand ambassador contract signed with Kenta Nishimoto

Mizuno has signed a Mizuno brand ambassador contract with Kenta Nishimoto (Gifu Prefecture Badminton Association), the representative of Japan for badminton. Under this contract, Nishimoto will participate in the match using Mizuno rackets, shoes, strings, bags * 1, and apparel * 1. The contract period is 2 years from April 1, 2021.

Nishimoto is currently 16th in the world ranking (as of March 23) and is aiming to become a member of the Japanese national team this summer as well, and is expected to play an active role as a face player for Mizuno badminton. At Mizuno, we aim to grow in the badminton market with the success of Nishimoto.

* 1 Excludes matches that represent Japan.

<Kenta Nishimoto's comment>

“I'm confident that Mizuno and me will grow in tandem.

I especially feel that Mizuno footwear is excellent.

Mizuno shoes give me a good fitting and balance

Mizuno racket, Fortius 10 Quick which I have chosen can enhance my powerful shot.

Great thanks to Mizuno

I will develop myself by using Mizuno.”


Date of Birth:30 Aug.1994

Career:Saitama-Sakae High School → Chu-O University → TONAMI → Gifu Prefecture Badminton Association

BWF World Ranking:16 in Men's Singles(23 Mar.2021)

Japan National Intercollege Championships 2013 Men's Singles Champion

Japan National Intercollege Championships 2014 Men's Singles Champion

Japan National Intercollege Championships 2015 Men's Singles Champion

All Japan Championships 2015 Men's Singles Champion

German Open 2019 Men's Singles Runner-up

<Kenta Nishimoto's items>

Racket: Fortius 10 Quick

(For power hitters who can easily hit sharp and fast smashes)

String: M-SMOOTH 65H

(Enables highly accurate shots with higher ball holding and resilience)


(Two types of "MIZUNO ENERZY" are used for the sole to improve resilience and cushioning.)

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